You can easily improve the state of your mind, body and soul. It is as simple as smiling as often as possible. These are 13 surprising ways you can make the quality of your life better.

13e78-restoreyournaturallook1. Mood Enhancer

Countless studies have shown that smiling can make you happy. The belief is that if you smile, it will reinforce and intensify any happiness feelings you already have inside. Your happy mood, no matter how minimal, will intensify by smiling.

2. Eliminate Depression

Just as a smile is a mood enhancer, it can actually help to combat depression or depressive thinking. Numerous studies are beginning to prove that by smiling when you are upset, angry or depressed can actually change your perspective on any given situation or state of mind.

3. Make the Day of a Stranger

Smiling at a stranger can be infectious in several ways. When you smile at a stranger, they will often smile back and it will give you a good feeling which will make you do it more often. It will also give a good feeling to the person at whom you are smiling and possibly make them start smiling at strangers more often.

4. Burn Calories

Smiling does burn calories; albeit, smiling will not be a replacement for exercise anytime soon. And, if you laugh in addition to smiling, you will burn even more calories.

5. Heal Your Heart

Smiling is good for your heart. A University of Kansas study suggests that your heart is able to recover more quickly from stressful tasks and life events with the help of smiling. The study shows that the more quickly and often you smile after a stressful period the more quickly your heart rate will return to normal. It will also lower your blood pressure.

6. Improve Test Scores

When people of any age are smiling and laughing in a classroom, they are more likely to improve their test scores by 14 percent, according to medical research at Johns Hopkins. If you are enjoying yourself and smiling in a learning environment, you will be more receptive to the material.

7. Overall Good Health

Various studies have shown that smiling can be good for your overall health. Your immune system can improve greatly by smiling. It is believed that when you are in a more relaxed state, such as from the effects of smiling, various neurotransmitters are released that are in direct connection to your immune system.

8. Project Success

A person who smiles often portrays the image of success. People generally associate happy people with people who are successful. If you smile, people will assume the best about you.

9. Stay Positive

A smile will help you stay positive regardless of any negative thoughts. If you are smiling and have a negative thought, it is quite difficult to lose your smile. The more you smile, the fewer negative thoughts you will have.

10. Greater Confidence

A great smile will give you greater confidence. This is a domino effect of sorts. When you have great confidence, you will feel better about yourself, people will want to spend more time with you and you will have more opportunities in life.

11. Make a Connection

It is often difficult to make connections with people in life. If you smile during conversations, you are more likely to create a more meaningful connection with the person to whom you are speaking.

12. Attract Positive Attention

If you are a person with a bright and welcoming smile, people will want to be around you. In fact, your smile could act as a trance in that people will be drawn to you. A smile conveys a happy person with a good nature.

13. Look Younger

If you still need convincing that smiling is good for you, it will also help you look younger. If you would like to remove several years off your appearance, smile more frequently.

Smiling is a vital component to the state of your mind, body and soul. All you need to do is smile to improve your mental and physical health, as well as to improve the lives of those around you.