40c9c-dentalimplantsMany of us do things that seem normal but we never stop for a minute to think how such habits ruin our dental health. From swimming to birth controls, you do them daily not knowing how they stain and erode your tooth enamel. This article looks at 12 ways you are destroying your teeth without realizing it and how you can mitigate the situation.

Using a Hard Toothbrush

It is surprising how most of us use hard brushes thinking that the harder they are the more effective they will be. Truth be told, hard brushes cause your gums to ebb and expose the root of your tooth in the end. Consider using a softer brush, which can effectively remove bacteria and plague without injuring your teeth.

Chewing Hard Objects

Chewing pens, glasses, pencils and any other hard object causes your teeth to shift. It also irritates your joints and creates stress fractures on the teeth. Consider chewing on gum occasionally since your teeth are not designed to chew hard stuffs.

Taking Birth Control Pills

You may be accustomed to your usual birth control pill, but it does harm your teeth somehow. These pills work by making your body think it is pregnant, but this results in production of hormones that cause periodontal disease. This happens when your immune response cannot compensate for bacteria in your mouth. If you are on birth control pills, visit your dentist at least once in three months for check-up.

Constant Swimming

We all love swimming and for a good reason; of course it is good for the lungs and heart. However, swimming exposes you to excessive chlorine, which is highly acidic, and this is dangerous for your teeth. Soon your teeth will begin to discolor but you can learn to brush your teeth immediately after swimming or use a fluoride rinse.

Prolonged Dehydration

Many of us do not like taking water and especially the standard daily eight glasses. When your mouth is dry, it harms your teeth due to reduced saliva in the mouth. Saliva is responsible for diluting the acid from drinks and foods without which your risk of cavities is increased. Therefore, learn to drink enough water daily to keep your body hydrated.

Over Snacking

When you eat normal food, your mouth produces a lot of saliva that assists in cleaning food particles responsible for causing tooth decay. Snacking on the other hand reduces production of saliva since the snacks collude with bacteria and eventually tooth decay occurs. Avoid snacking daily on such foods as crackers and high-carb snacks. Also, brush your teeth well immediately whenever you snack.

Grinding Your Teeth

If you grind or clench your teeth when you are stressed then you are wearing down your tooth enamel. This habit causes micro fractures to your teeth due to the intense pressure you are exerting on them. You can invest in a mouth guard to wear when sleeping to protect against clenching and grinding.

Intense Workouts

If you work out more, make sure your body remains hydrated at all times. Long cardio workouts cause tooth erosion meaning your tooth enamel wears off slowly. The longer time you spend doing cardio, the greater your risk of cavities.

Drinking Diet Soda

It is true that diet soda is sugar free and healthy but it contains acids like phosphoric and citric acids that damage tooth enamel. If you are addicted to diet soda, then you are at risk of acidic attack that causes tooth erosion. Always drink enough water after consuming your drink to neutralize the acids. Avoid brush your teeth immediately too.

Using Your Teeth to Open Packages and Seals

Your teeth are not tools and so keep them off seals and packages. If you love getting lids off bottles, opening plastic bags or biting tags off your cloths, you are slowly ruining your teeth. The habits cause chips and cracks that later weaken your teeth. Instead, use scissors or other sharp objects.

Consuming Fruit Teas

Recent studies have shown that certain flavored herbal teas encourage tooth decay. Brands infused with blackcurrant, raspberries and lemon are believed to dissolve tooth enamel. Therefore, stick to fruit free herbal teas especially peppermint and chamomile.

Nail Biting

Do you bite your nails? Well, this is not only a hygienically wrong practice, but it also causes your tooth to move out of place. This bad habit will splinter your tooth enamel and should be avoided.