Missing teeth is not just an issue of aesthetics but it can cause numerous dental issues as well. These are issues that could lead to the need for all on four dental implants.

Keeping teeth healthy for a lifetime is not as easy as it sounds. Adults lose teeth due to various reasons including tooth decay, accidental injury, gum disease, poor lifestyle habits or teeth knocked out due to trauma or other reasons.

Teeth once gone can not be replaced and can result in a number of things:

Poor Aesthetics – Consider Dental Implants in Chicago

Missing teeth is certainly not aesthetically pleasing. People having gaps in their teeth often do not smile in a fear of flaunting their ugly appearance. This hurts the self-esteem of the person and also impacts his or her social life and sometimes leads to sever depression.

However, if you do not know how missing teeth affects your smile, consider the following physical issues you may suffer:
Impacts your diet — A person with significant gaps or missing teeth may face various troubles while chewing his/her favorite foods. If the patient has lost all of his teeth, he or she would be reduced to ‘swallowing’ their meals instead of chewing them and hence their diet would be adjusted to soft food items.

Trouble in speech- Depending on the location of missing teeth, the candidate might experience issues while speaking.

Tooth Decay – Teeth which have drifted from the pressure are more difficult to clean. Regardless of how well the patient provides oral care, dental plaque can easily build up and result in gum disease or gum cavities.

Loss of bone – Teeth are basically what stimulates the jawbone. If there are missing teeth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate and gums start to shrink. More is the bone loss, the difficult it is to undertake dental implants for replacing missing teeth.

Premature Aging – Loss of all teeth results in the shrinkage of the jaw and the facial structures begin to collapse. The unappealing facial structure leads to sagging of the skin and results in a void look in the cheeks.

How to bridge the gap?

Results of tooth can be devastating. These dramatic effects caused by missing teeth will increase more day by day unless cured. Fortunately, there are certain ways to bridge the gap that missing teeth create:

All on Four Dental Implants Chicago – These are one of the most advanced dental treatments used to replace missing teeth. Stable and long-lasting, unmovable implants look and act like natural teeth and require the same dental care such as regular brushing and flossing. Implants prevent bone loss, enhance facial structures, prevent premature ageing, boost confidence, and improve chewing efficiency, smiling efficiency and the overall quality of patients. Dental implant procedures are less painful and do not cause irritations in the jaw like dentures or bridges tend to.

Chicago Implant Dentist

If you have unfortunately lost some or all of your teeth due to any reason, trusting dental implants in Chicago is a wise solution that can lead you to a long-lasting happiness.