Tooth Implants offer an excellent solution to a person suffering from poor teeth alignment or to an individual having missing teeth. One can enjoy sparkling white teeth and can wear them for a very long period of time without facing any problems by taking good care of one’s implants.

Tooth implants in Chicago provide a permanent solution to all your dental problems. Implants are prosthetic teeth. They are inserted directly into the jaw and look like a screw or a peg. Depending on one’s requirement, one can get a single tooth replacement or a complete upper and lower jaw teeth replacement. Implants are very comfortable to wear and look completely natural. They are permanent and long lasting and this makes them the preferred choice for people looking for corrective dental treatment solutions.

Studies have revealed that with good oral health one can enhance the effectiveness of the implants. If you have recently got tooth implants, use these tips to keep them in great condition.

Taking care of a Chicago dental implant

  • After the dental implant treatment, you must allow your implants to heal properly. If your dentist has prescribed you any medicines, make sure that you take them regularly. For the initial 2-3 days, avoid eating foods that are very hard and require lots of chewing. Eat soft food and drink clear liquids to ensure the success of your implants. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth for the first 2-3 days after the treatment.

  • Once the implants have healed, you must follow your normal oral care and hygiene routine. Even though implants are not vulnerable to loss of enamel like natural teeth you must brush them properly to prevent bacteria and plaque from developing inside your mouth. You must brush your teeth at least two times in a day and floss them once in a day. Flossing is important as it helps remove tiny food particles and debris that are difficult to remove with brushing. You can use your normal toothpaste for brushing. It is advisable to use low abrasive dentifrice to eliminate the growth of bacteria and plaque. It also helps in preventing any harm to the new tooth and the tissue surrounding the dental implant.

  • Take Care of Dental ImplantsA soft brush is considered safe for implants as applying too much pressure can cause the implants to break or fall apart. You can use a manual or electronic brush. For cleaning tooth implants that are hard to reach you can use a tooth brush with an end tuft.

  • Use a good mouthwash. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash to help remove food particles from places and corners that can’t be reached with a toothbrush. If you experience any inflammation, use rinse with antimicrobial properties.

  • Smoking is not good for implants. Doing so can cause gums to become weak and this can in turn affect the quality and life of the implants.

Most good and reputable doctors offers proper advice to their patients regarding proper care of the dental implants to ensure their longevity, strength, and success. You can consult your dentist as to how you can enjoy long term aesthetics and functionality from your dental implants.

Take good care of your implants and enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for years!!