This four-part article series provides a comprehensive overview of the various technologies available for the replacement of missing and irreparably damaged or decayed teeth.

Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series on the various teeth replacement technologies available today and how they compare to each other. In last week’s post, an experienced Same Day dental implants dentist in Chicago explained that:

  • Age is not typically a consideration when determining whether or not a patient is a candidate for dental implants.
  • The “All-On-4” dental implant protocol is not only capable of giving patients new teeth in Chicago; it also does so at a much lower cost when compared with traditional dental implant procedures. In fact, on average, the “All-On-4” is approximately $25,000 cheaper!
  • The all-inclusive cost of fixed oral rehabilitation with the “All-On-4” method is (for single arch replacement) in the region of $35,000, while replacement of both sets of teeth is around $50,000.

Beautiful SmileIn this article, we shall take a look at some final FAQ’s. It has been the goal of this series to provide those in need of new teeth in Chicago with more information on their various choices in teeth replacement technology.

FAQ: I’ve heard of Same Day dental implants in Chicago. What are they and can they really give me new teeth in one day?

Answer: “Same day dental implants, as the name implies, are able to provide Chicago residents with new teeth that can immediately be used,” explains an experienced implant dentist. “The hardware is specifically designed to be able to support a replacement artificial tooth or set of teeth without compromising the healing of the underlying jawbone. This is termed “immediate function” and enables us to send patients home with new teeth on the same day as their implant surgery.”

“In many cases, same day dental implants only support a temporary crown or bridge… but you won’t really know the difference. Once the jawbone has healed, you will be required to return to the office to have your permanent crown or bridge placed. The great thing is that patients won’t, for a single second, need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their smile, because they will be given new teeth immediately.”

FAQ: Why replace missing teeth at all? If I’m not concerned with the way it looks, couldn’t I just save myself the money altogether?

Do Not Ignore Missing ToothAnswer: “So many patients ask this question and I’m always grateful for the chance to answer it,” says a New Teeth dentist in Chicago. “It can be tempting to ignore a missing tooth, especially if it’s right at the back of the mouth where no one can really see it. But the consequences you need to worry about don’t concern smile aesthetics… a missing tooth causes complications for the health of the adjacent teeth as well as the underlying jawbone, which needs to be stimulated in order to remain healthy.”

“By ignoring a missing tooth, the neighboring teeth become unstable and begin to shift to fill in the gap. The exposed tooth socket becomes extremely vulnerable to infection, since it acts as a natural trap for food debris and bacteria. Additionally, the jawbone can begin to atrophy and waste away, resulting in a localized drop in bone volume. This can cause the tooth roots of the adjacent teeth to become exposed, leaving them vulnerable to decay.”

“We always tell patients this: untreated tooth loss leads to further tooth loss,” same the Same Day dental implants dentist in Chicago. “So, regardless of whether a missing molar is bothering you or not, you should have it replaced and preferably with a technology that is going to mimic the function (and therefore benefits) of a natural, healthy tooth.”