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This four-part article series provides a comprehensive overview of the various technologies available for the replacement of missing and irreparably damaged or decayed teeth.

Welcome back to this four-part article series in which an experienced dental implants dentist in Chicago answers our questions about the various teeth replacement technologies available today and how they compare. In our previous article installment, it was explained that:

  • Dental implants are the number one recommendation of dental healthcare practitioners around the world for the replacement of missing teeth.
  • Dental implants are fixed (non-removable) titanium “tooth roots” used to support a ceramic dental crown (in the case of single tooth replacement) or a prosthetic dental bridge (in the case of full arch reconstruction).
  • Alternatives to dental implants include traditional bridges and removable dentures (partials and full).

Let’s continue answering some more of those FAQ!

FAQ: If dental implants are regarded as the best teeth replacement technology, why might one consider these alternative technologies?

Dental ImplantsAnswer: “Many patients opt for the alternative teeth replacement technologies because they initially cost less than dental implants,” explains the dental implants dentist in Chicago. “Unfortunately, cost is often the deciding factor in these kinds of choices, when in fact, a patient’s priority should be based upon what is best for their oral health and quality of life. The ironic thing is if you consider the cost of maintenance, restoration and replacement of these inferior technologies, dental implants end up being the more cost effective choice in the long run! This is because they can last several decades without the need for any restorative work.”

FAQ: Is it really possible to get new teeth in one day in Chicago?

Answer: The “All-On-4” is a relatively new dental implant protocol that does indeed make it possible for patients to get new teeth in a day in Chicago. This procedure is ideal for patients who suffer from a failing dentition as a result of age, general wear-and-tear and gum disease and/or who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. The “All-On-4” can also provide denture-wearers with a different teeth replacement solution and one that is far more comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Advances in dental implant products, surgical guides and supporting diagnostic technology make it possible for dental implants surgeons in Chicago to complete full arch reconstruction in an unprecedented period of time of just one day!

FAQ: How can dental implants be used to replace all of my teeth?

All on Four Dental ImplantsAnswer: “When it comes to full arch replacement, only four dental implants are typically needed to provide support for a customized acrylic dental bridge, which is carefully fabricated to closely resemble a full set of natural teeth and gums,” explains the dental implants dentist in Chicago. “We don’t actually need to replace each and every tooth with a dental implant… that would work out to be far too laborious, complex and expensive a procedure to be viable! Through the strategic placement and even angulation of only four implants, sufficient support can typically be provided for a new set of teeth and this procedure can be completed in as little as one day!”

Stay Tuned for Part 3

To find out more information about the various teeth replacement technologies available today and how they compare, stay tuned for the third installment of this four-part FAQ series, courtesy of dental implants dentists in Chicago.