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This article explains how the “All-On-4” procedure can save patients tens of thousands of dollars on implantation cost of fixed oral rehabilitation in Chicago.

Just as there are many different kinds of dental technologies for Chicago residents in need of new teeth, so are there different kinds of dental implant techniques. The newest and most sophisticated of these techniques is the “All-On-4”, which dental implants specialists in Chicago typically recommend to patients who have lost most or all of their teeth to periodontal (gum) disease. Traditionally, however, cost has been a primary concern of Chicago residents, especially when it comes to teeth replacement using dental implants. In this article, just such a specialist will explain to us how it is the “All-On-4” can save patients tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of fixed oral rehabilitation.

New Implant Teeth in Chicago

The “All-On-4” Needs Fewer Implants

The “All-On-4” only requires four dental implants, as the name of the procedure suggests, as opposed to six, eight or even more per arch. This is frequently the number of implants required by traditional dental implant protocols and is also why these older procedures would take up to a year and a half to provide patients with new implant teeth in Chicago.

The “All-On-4” Can Be Done in One Day

Because of the fewer implants required, the entire teeth replacement procedure can be completed in as little as a single day, with a single surgery. “Previously, getting a new set of teeth would require multiple implant procedures and up to 18 months in and out of the dentist’s chair, the costs of which would add up tremendously,” says the dental implants specialist in Chicago. “This is not even to mention the inconveniences involved and the time a patient would have to take off from work. With the “All-On-4” these concerns don’t typically come in the way of our patients receiving new teeth anymore.”

The “All-On-4” Cost: Bye Bye Bone Grafting!

One of the biggest obstacles in the path of edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients getting new teeth placed with dental implants was a lack of sufficient bone volume in the jaw. Since being toothless causes the bone to atrophy, those who stood to benefit the most from getting new implant teeth in Chicago typically experienced this problem!

Traditional dental implant protocols were incapable of overcoming this problem and so dental implants specialists in Chicago would have to perform bone-grafting surgery beforehand. This procedure is not only incredibly invasive and painful, but it also requires many months of recovery time before the patient can be considered a candidate for dental implants. Bone grafting is also very expensive, especially if the bone tissue is sourced outside the patient’s body, as it typically is. And so, yet another expense is added to the bill for the patients who desperately need new teeth.

The “All-On-4” Cost Difference

Cost of Fixed Oral RehabilitationWith the “All-On-4”, a lack of bone volume is almost never a problem! Dental implants specialists in Chicago carefully scrutinize X-rays of a patient’s jawbone to determine where the very best sites for implant placement are and, based upon the clever design of the protocol, can almost always proceed without the need for costly, painful bone grafting. This also cuts down treatment time, making it possible for Chicago residents to receive new, fixed and immediately functional teeth in just one day.

With only four dental implants, a single treatment and no need for bone grafting, the “All-On-4” can be as much as $45,000 less than the cost for traditional dental implant techniques. On average, it saves patients $25,000 on getting new implant teeth in Chicago, which explains exactly why this breakthrough protocol is widely regarded as the best solution to edentulism, near-edentulism and rampant tooth loss!