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This three-part article series explains five important things you can do to get the very most out of your bi-annual appointments with the dentist and oral hygienist.

Welcome to the final installment of this three-part article series on how to get the most out of your bi-annual dental appointments. In Part 1, we spoke to an implant dentist in Chicago, who recommended that patients compile a list of questions and concerns (bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, how to brush properly, etc.) they may have and bring it with them to their appointments. In Part 2, it was recommended that if it has been more than a year since they have done so, patients should update their medical history, which all Chicago dental practices keep on file. Point # 3 on the checklist was for patients to tell their dentist about any medications, supplements and vitamins they may be taking, since this can impact oral health.

Now, lets address the two remaining points on our checklist for getting the very most out of your dental appointments!

4. Speak to Your Dentist About Low-Cost Options and Dental Financing

Implant Dentist in Chicago“Too many patients make the mistake of avoiding treatment or choosing the inferior dental technology because they are concerned about money,” says the implant dentist in Chicago. “What they don’t realize is that we, as dental healthcare practitioners, prioritize treatment and the health of our patients. As such, we work closely with medical financing companies that provide tailor-made payment plans to help patients cover the costs of a procedure or treatment. This can be done over any number of months, depending upon your budget and financial means. Either way, you can benefit from the very best treatment option without having to dig too deep.”

“We also offer a variety of treatment options, for example, for tooth loss. If a traditional dental implant is outside of your budget, you could go for mini-dental implants. Chicago dental implant dentists can also do conventional bridges, although they do prefer dental implants for their superior functionality, aesthetics, longevity and the fact that they don’t harm the adjacent natural teeth when being placed,” says a Chicago dental implants expert. “Speak to your dentist… we’re here to help and are ready and willing to work with you to find the best possible solution.”

5. Ask Your Dentist About How You Can Improve Your Dental Healthcare At Home

Chicago Dental“Your dentist can tell from the condition of your teeth and gums just how you care for them when you’re at home. We can tell whether or not you floss and just how frequently and thoroughly you brush your teeth,” says the implant dentist in Chicago. “Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, as is widely recommended, there can be space for improvement, so speak to us about what we see and how you can do better with caring for your teeth and gums.”

Additionally, new dental healthcare products are constantly being introduced to the market. From hygienic tongue scrapers to cosmetic whiteners… just ask your dentist what the latest and greatest is in the field of oral healthcare and he or she will be glad to provide you with his or her recommendations. Remember your dentist is your lifelong partner in excellent oral health and smile confidence!

Get the most out of your bi-annual dental appointments by following the 5-point checklist laid out in this three-part article series:

  1. Make a list of any problems or issues you’ve been experiencing.
  2. Update your medical history with your dentist’s receptionist.
  3. Give your dentist a list of any medications, supplements and vitamins you may be on.
  4. Speak to your dentist about any low-cost options or dental financing if cost is a concern for you.
  5. Ask your dentist how you could improve your home oral healthcare routine.