This article provides the multiple advantages to dental implants in ten easy steps, as well as mentioning a few disadvantages to removable dentures.

Not only has dental technology advanced so far as to be able to provide patients with replacement teeth that are nearly identical to natural teeth, but it has gone one step further, allowing Chicago residents to receive new teeth in a day. The advantages of dental implants are incomparable with alternate tooth replacement treatments. Having steadily moved to first place, dental implants have been voted by dental specialists as the best tooth replacement treatment available.

Not convinced yet? Well, keep reading and hear from a dental implant specialist in Chicago as to know exactly why this procedure comes with such high international recommendations.

1. No Damage

Unlike other tooth replacement technology, dental implants do not typically cause any harm to the surrounding teeth or gums.

2. Support

“Dental implants provide patients with facial support, avoiding that sunken look that one often sees on patients with removable dentures,” explains a dental implant specialist in Chicago.

3. Speech

Teeth In A Day

Removable dentures often cause patients to experience trouble forming certain words and sounds. This takes time and practice to rectify. Chicago residents who have dental implants experience no difficulty with speech, allowing them to talk with ease and accuracy.

4. Aesthetics

Dental implants allow Chicago residents to smile with confidence as implants support replacement teeth that look and feel just like natural teeth, giving you a bright and healthy grin that doesn’t give away your dental woes.

5. Strength

“Removable dentures often cause patients to experience difficulty chewing, dramatically reducing their bite force,” explains a dental implant specialist in Chicago. “This requires patients to change their diets and makes eating a lengthy and difficult affair. Dental implants, on the other hand, ensure a strong and healthy bite force, thus allowing patients to eat and enjoy all their favorite foods.”

6. Time 

With ‘Teeth In A Day’, Chicago residents are able to save time and money on having new teeth placed. Implants are able to be placed and new teeth attached all in one day.

7. Money

New Teeth ChicagoAlthough the ‘Teeth in a Day’ procedure initially appears to cost Chicago residents more than alternate tooth replacement strategies, in the long term they end up saving you money.

8. Durability

“Removable dentures are said to last patients approximately five to seven years,” says the dental implant specialist in Chicago. “With proper care and oral hygiene, dental implants can last you a lifetime.”

9. Health

Chewing is a very important part of the digestive process. Dental implants provide Chicago residents with better chewing function, thus better digestion and this improves their physical health.


Dental implants have a 98% success rate, allowing patients to sit back, relax and know that by the end of the day they will have a new set of teeth.

And there it is! In just ten points you know why dental implants are rated number one in tooth replacement treatments. Enough reasons to throw your dentures out the window and hop over to your dental specialist to receive your new teeth in just one day!