This article explains the various aspects pertaining to All-On-Four dental implants, highlighting why it is an extremely beneficial treatment for edentulous patients.

For edentulous or near edentulous patients, it is often thought that traditional removable dentures are their only option when it comes to tooth replacement procedures. Although dental implants sound like a brilliant solution, aren’t there just too many teeth to be replaced for this to be a viable option? Wrong! With innovative and exciting advances in dental technology, dental implants are possibly the best option for replacing a full set of teeth.

With a few visits to your implant dentist in Chicago, all your woes associated with dentures, (such as unnatural looking teeth, sore gums, a limited diet, and loose teeth, etc.) will be a distant memory while you flash your new, beautiful, pearly white grin.

Does The Dentist Place an Implant for Every Tooth?

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No, and this is why dental implants are now a viable option for edentulous and near edentulous patients. “The All-On-Four is a procedure that allows for patients to receive a full set of new teeth with just four implants placed in the mouth,” says the All-On-Four denture specialist in Chicago.

The implant dentist places four implants into the mouth, to which a custom made denture bridge is permanently fixed. Not only does this eliminate all the hassles associated with traditional dentures, but it also does not typically require any bone grafting procedures, making this a surprisingly quick and minimally invasive process.

But How Exactly Are They Different to Traditional Dentures?

Beside the fact that they are permanently fixed in your mouth, attaching a bridge to the implants means that a patient’s replacement teeth do not place pressure on the gums or cover the palate with a bulky piece of plastic.

According to an implant dentist in Chicago, traditional removable dentures cause pressure to build up against your gums, often leading to sore and inflamed gums that require you to use anesthetic gels. To add to this, your palate is covered by a piece of plastic, which can make you gag and prevent you from experiencing your food properly.

With All-On-Four dental implants, your palate is no longer covered and there is no pressure on your gums, allowing your mouth to feel completely natural.

Is the Procedure Painful?

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The procedure is typically performed with the patient comfortably sedated, allowing them to rest easy while the dentist works his or her magic. During the healing process it is possible for patients to experience small amounts of pain and discomfort, but this can be managed with mild pain medications that will be prescribed to you by your implant dentist in Chicago.

But Isn’t This A lot More Expensive That Removable Dentures?

Initially dental implants do cost more, but in the long run Chicago residents will find that the All-On-Four technique ends up being a lot more cost effective. Removable dentures typically need to be refitted every few years due to atrophy of the jawbone. All-On-Four dental implants are a permanent fixture that, with proper care and good oral hygiene, can last several decades without requiring replacement.

So with that, it is easy to see how dental implants are indeed a better, possibly even the best, solution for edentulous and near edentulous patients.