This two-part article series explains just how the “All-On-4” dental implant protocol can save patients tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of fixed oral rehabilitation.

Welcome to the second half of this two-part article series on the cost of new teeth in Chicago and the incredible savings afforded by the breakthrough “All-On-4” dental implant protocol. In our previous article, we provided a brief introduction to this technique before explaining how – as the name suggests – it only needs four dental implants per jaw in order to provide patients with new, non-removable and immediately functional teeth. This already saves patients many thousands of dollars as traditional dental implant techniques could require as many as eight or even ten implants per jaw!

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In this article, we shall now focus on the much shorter treatment time of the “All-On-4” – or “Same Day dental implants” as Chicago dentists often refer to it – and the fact that it is almost always able to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery.

Lower Cost of New Teeth in Chicago: Only One Surgery

“Four dental implants can quite easily be surgically placed in a single sitting,” explains a Same Day dental implants specialists in Chicago. “Any more than that are you are looking at the need to break down the procedure into smaller and more manageable sessions. This is not so much for the patient as it is for the actual jawbone. A massive surgery involving the placement of 10 implants per jaw could cause so many traumas that implant failure would be more likely. Also, with every new incision comes the greater risk of infection. This is why traditional dental implant techniques called for multiple surgeries.

“With the far more manageable All-On-4, the entire procedure can be completed in a few hours, allowing the patient to leave in the evening with a complete set of teeth! This is an unprecedented treatment time,” says a new teeth specialist in Chicago.

Lower Cost of New Teeth in Chicago: No More Bone Grafting

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“One of the defining benefits of the ‘All-On-4’ is that it is almost always able to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery, which was traditionally required by patients who had lost a lot of bone volume in the jaw,” explains a same day dental implants specialists in Chicago. “Atrophy is caused by not replacing the roots of missing teeth, which is a problem experienced even by those who wear removable dentures (since dentures only replace the tooth crowns). Since dental implants function similar to natural teeth, they too require a certain volume of bone in order to remain stably implanted.”

“In order to remedy this problem, surgeons would perform bone grafting on the jawbone. This would augment it and encourage the growth of new and healthy tissue. However, the procedure is by its very nature extremely invasive and as a result, painful for patients to undergo. It’s also expensive and requires several months of recovery before you can even receive dental implants. By avoiding the need for bone grafting, the ‘All-On-4’ cuts out all the pain, recovery time and general inconvenience incurred by having this surgery done, while saving patients tens of thousands of dollars!”

A Final Note

Getting new teeth in one day in Chicago is just one of the many benefits afforded by the breakthrough “All-On-4” dental implant technique. Now, you can get new teeth at a cost that is substantially lower than previously believed possible. With savings of $25,000 or up to $45,000 for more complex cases, the “All-On-4” truly is the best and now most cost-effective teeth replacement solution on the market!