This article focuses on elderly people´s lack of teeth and its consequences, namely their nutrition and appearance. It then explains the advantages of the All On Four dental implant procedure.

Many people who wear removable dentures frequently complain about how uncomfortable it is to eat with them. The fact that removable dentures are in direct contact with your gums often creates a lot of discomfort while chewing food. Adding to this distress, the disadvantage of not being able to taste your food properly or feel its texture or temperature makes eating a purely functional process rather than an enjoyable experience.

Luckily, there is a solution to these problems. All On Four Dental Implants in Chicago, in contrast to removable dentures, is supported by implants placed in the jawbone, which reenact the role of natural tooth roots. Where removable dentures often cause pain and discomfort, the “All On Four” eliminates much of the negative attributes of dentures by placing permanent implants into the jawbone, mimicking natural teeth. This allows patients to enjoy their meals with comfort and ease; no longer worrying about the bulky plastic denture that once covered their palate.

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All On Four Dental Implants in Chicago: Chew Your Way to a Nutritious Diet!

“The strength with which patients can bite down using removable dentures weakens over the years,” explain Same Day dental implants specialists in Chicago. “The movement of the dentures, deteriorating jawbone health and the discomfort of pressure on the gums result in a weaker bite that leads to a change in the patient’s diet. They tend to favor a limited variety of food that is soft and easier to swallow over food that requires a lot of chewing. As time goes by, these changes become habit, creating dietary routines that are not good for one’s health.”

Malnutrition is a major problem amongst the elderly; the inability to chew effectively with removable dentures can develop serious consequences and possibly shorten one’s average life expectancy. It is through the array of inconveniences and serious consequences that you realize the importance of your teeth and the effect they have on your way of life. The All On Four dental implants protocol in Chicago supports a near natural bite force, which allow patients to enjoy a varied and nutritious diet, thus preserving their health and vitality.

All On Four Implants in Chicago: Promoting a Youthful Smile!

Great jawbone health is linked to a more youthful smile! The mandible of an older person becomes greatly reduced in size over the years. It is a gradual and progressive change that is caused by the loss of natural teeth. Just like muscles lose shape when unexercised, bones waste away when tooth loss occurs. Same Day dental implants can stop this process as they function like natural teeth and help to keep the underlying jawbone stimulated and healthy.

Bone needs the stimulation of the tooth roots to maintain its form, density and strength. When this stimulation is lost, it results in the development of a sunken-in chin and puckered, wrinkled oral appearance. The Same Day dental implants procedure in Chicago replaces both the root and the crown of the missing tooth or teeth, which helps to promote excellent jawbone health and prevent bone atrophy. So, even though you might not be a “spring chicken” anymore, you can still keep your smile looking gorgeous and youthful.

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For patients who have lost most of their teeth or have an edentulous mouth, All On Four Dental Implants are what they need. Not only does the protocol promote overall health by allowing patients to enjoy a nutritious and varied diet and experience the pleasure of tasting and choosing whatever the menu has to offer, but it will also help to prevent the jawbone from atrophying and wasting away.