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This article focuses on how dental implants can have a huge impact on a patient’s life by discussing the many benefits offered by these teeth replacement devices.

Missing one or more teeth can be problematic in numerous ways, affecting daily life and habits. Patients sometimes think that the loss of teeth has no impact on their way of life, but as time goes by, you will begin to realize the many terrible adverse effects. It not only changes your looks and smile, but the variety of food you can eat becomes smaller and you can struggle to eat properly.

An effective solution to missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants mimic the form and function of natural teeth, allowing most of your oral health worries to be overcome by a relatively straightforward treatment. Dental implant procedures in Chicago can bring back the quality of life you had before the loss of teeth occurred, giving you the confidence to eat and smile openly.

Dental Implant Chicago

Perfect Restoration All on the Same Day!

You can say goodbye to the feeling of helplessness and loss of self-esteem associated with tooth loss, almost always in just one day. Same Day Dental Implants are one of the most recommended procedures for fixing tooth loss in Chicago. This method places four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaws and attaches a non-removable custom bridge all on the same day!

Same day dental implants provide quick and efficient results for missing teeth. Traditional dental implant techniques can require up to 12 to 18 months to provide patients with a new set of teeth.

Besides Getting my Smile Back… What Else Can I Expect?

Dental implants offer Chicago residents a number of benefits when compared with other methods of tooth replacement. One of the benefits is durability; implants are very strong and have the ability to last many decades or even a lifetime, provided they are looked after properly. Another benefit is smile aesthetics. You will no longer hide your smile or cover your mouth while you laugh. Functionality is another plus; dental implants allow you to once again enjoy the food that had become too difficult or painful to chew, improving your diet and mealtime enjoyment.

Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Dental implants are permanent and unlike traditional fixed bridges, they do not typically damage the neighboring teeth. They also help to preserve the health of the underlying jawbone by transferring the eating forces into this hard tissue. This functional stimulation prevents atrophy, maintaining good bone volume and health.

Having to wait several months and even years to get new teeth was indeed the case many years ago until relatively recent technological innovations in dental implant science in Chicago. Now, patients can regain a beautiful and functional smile in one day. After an initial consultation with an implant specialist, a date for surgery will be set. The procedure will be carried out under the effects of sedation and/or anesthesia, keeping patients comfortable and pain-free. By the evening, you will have a brand new set of teeth; teeth that you can immediately admire in the mirror and even enjoy a light dinner with! All on the same day as your procedure!