In this article, we will be looking at five bad dental habits, including excessive brushing, chewing on objects and nail biting. Additionally, we explain why these habits are bad for your teeth and for your overall oral health.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is an essential part of taking care of your teeth, and your teeth mean much more to you than you might appreciate on a daily basis. In addition to having a beautiful smile, which goes hand in hand with a good level of confidence, maintaining strong and healthy teeth is a vitally important aspect of your overall general health. Unfortunately, many people entertain habits that are terrible for your teeth and before they know it, they require the help of a dental expert for complex and invasive surgery to fix the damage done. All-on-Four dentures specialists in Chicago give some advice about the bad dental habits to avoid!

Bad Habit # 1: Teeth Tool Work

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Using your teeth as a multi-purpose tool is definitely not a kosher dental habit. However, this is something you might encounter every day! People use their teeth to open all sorts of things from bottles to chip bags. This is not the function intended for your teeth and can cause soft and hard tissue trauma in your mouth, such as chipping or even breaking your teeth. Using your teeth as tools can also cause poor jaw alignment, an uneven bite and the hastened wearing down of your teeth. Rather, take the time to find the right tool for the right reason.

Bad Habit # 2: Ice, Ice Baby… Don’t Do It!

You’ve definitely either done this or seen it done: some people habitually chew on ice. A Chicago dental implant specialist informs that the icy temperature and solid texture of ice can cause your teeth to fracture. You could also accidently crack off part of the enamel on a tooth or filling, and this in turn could potentially get you in the dentist’s chair for a root canal.

Bad Habit #3: Nail Biting Stuff

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This one is a double whammy: not only is nail biting bad for your nails but it is also very bad for your teeth. Aside from the fact that it can lead to chipped or broken teeth, your nails are carriers for germs and bacteria that can make an easy transition into your mouth and cause gum infections or cavities.

Bad Habit # 4: The Daily Grind

Chronic grinding of your teeth, a condition medically referred to as bruxism, can cause a host of dental problems, such as chipping, fracturing, loosening of teeth and even tooth loss. It can also lead to other ailments, including as severe toothache, headaches and sore jaw joints. This condition commonly occurs while one is asleep; however a simple solution is to obtain a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Bad Habit # 5: I’ll have a Glass of Red

We’ve probably all seen a mouth stained with red wine: the lips, the tongue and the teeth bathed in an unflattering red shade. However, red wine is actually better for your teeth than white wine. White wine has a higher acidity content and thus causes more permanent problems to your teeth. This acidity wears away at tooth enamel leaving your teeth vulnerable to other stains. To protect your teeth, rinse your mouth with water after you drink and follow a good oral hygiene routine.


This article has informed you of the things you should not do, but as with so much in life, the things you should do are as important as the ones you shouldn’t. So do yourself a favor: look after your teeth, brush, floss and rinse daily and go to your local dentist for regular check-ups!