This two-part article series explores 10 habits that could be doing irreversible damage to your teeth and could lead to tooth loss in the long-term.

We all know that the cornerstones of keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy teeth for life are good oral hygiene and regular professional attention from your dentist and oral hygienist. But, in addition to these fundamental points, there are several habits and behaviors we should be doing our utmost to avoid. In most cases, people are just unaware of the consequences of something as seemingly innocent as chewing on ice on a hot day. It’s only when we face these consequences do we wish that we knew better, or had tried harder.

In order to find out what innocent habits the average citizen has that may later lead to tooth loss, we spoke to a Chicago implant dentist. In this two-part article series, we present Chicago dental advices given to us. Are you wrecking your teeth? Let’s find out!

Chicago Dental Advice # 1: Stop Chewing Ice

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Dental enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but it wasn’t design to cut through ice! Chewing ice is terrible for your teeth. It can cause chips, cracks, fractures and other flaws on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. In certain circumstances, these imperfections can provide bacteria with an easy route into the pulp chamber of the teeth. If this happens, you could require a root canal or – worst-case scenario – the tooth will have to go!

Chicago Dental Advice # 2: Drink Water. Not Juice, Soda and Energy Drinks.

There are thirsty times when nothing will do the trick quite like an ice-cold Coca-Cola or sports energy drink. What you mustn’t get into the habit of doing is quenching your thirst on a regular basis with beverages that are high in sugar and acid. If you’re thirsty, drink water. Anything else should be viewed as a treat and drank in moderation. Remember, sugar encourages bacterial activity, while acid softens the dental enamel. This combination renders your pearly whites incredibly vulnerable to cavities and decay!

Chicago Dental Advice # 3: Don’t Drink Filtered Water

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The water you drink is one of the most important sources of Fluoride: a mineral that is essential to good oral health. Tap water is fluoridated and mineral or spring water naturally contains this essential mineral. But filtered water doesn’t contain any fluoride, which denies your teeth the exposure they need to remain strong and healthy. Make the right choice and reap the rewards.

Chicago Dental Advice # 4: Playing Contact Sports Without a Mouth Guard

If you play contact sports, chances are you’re accustomed to receiving a good thumping now and then, whether it’s a head crashing into your stomach or a fist flying into your shoulder. A bruise heals. Cracked, broken and chipped teeth don’t. Make sure you wear a mouth guard if anything you share the field with has the potential to do serious damage to your face and mouth. This is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way!

Chicago Dental Advice # 5: Not Flossing Daily

Brushing cleans the outer surface of the teeth, but what are you doing to get between your pearly whites? A good home oral hygiene routine requires daily brushing AND flossing. If you don’t floss, you are leaving all that bacteria and food debris to just sit there. And if you don’t believe you have anything between your teeth after a meal, then floss and take a look. You’ll be shocked… hopefully into action!

Stay Tuned

To read more valuable advice from implant dentist in Chicago on how to keep your teeth in excellent lifelong condition, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series.