Change your life this year by prioritizing your oral health. Seek a consultation with a skilled and experienced dentist in Chicago.

If you’re like most of us, your New Year’s Resolutions included a list of bad habits to break and new habits to make. Maybe it’s time for you to make a resolution to let someone else do the work. When you resolve to have a beautiful new smile, all you need to do is make an appointment with an expert tooth implants in Chicago and begin your new year with an amazing new look!

Your Smile is Important

Implant dentists Chicago

Chicago offers you great dental professionals as well as advanced technology to repair and rehabilitate your smile. Whether you’re looking for simple bonding and fillings to specialty dentures and dental implants, there are great practices just waiting for your call. If the first thing you think when you look in the mirror is, “I wish my smile was…”, then maybe it’s time to start doing some research.

Could This Be You?

Tooth implants Chicago

Absolutely! Newer dental technology allows doctors to provide teeth replacement (whether you have lost one or all of them) while reducing or even eliminating pain, as well as the cost and time needed for proper rehabilitation. Traditional dental implants techniques, which require as many as twelve implants per jaw, have now largely been replaced with the far more sophisticated and significantly less invasive “All-on-4” protocol. You may now even be able to obtain new, comfortable, non-removable teeth without the need for bone grafting surgery!

But, I’m Afraid of the Dentist!

Don’t worry. They understand. Many people are, and you’re not alone. It’s important to find an environment where your fear is taken seriously. You may be surprised to learn that procedures such as dental implants can be performed with little to no post-surgical pain. Today’s technology and services such as conscious sedation allow dental healthcare professionals to offer more pain and anxiety-free solutions than ever before. Whether you are nervous about needles or can’t tolerate the whine of the dentist’s drill.

Make sure you review others’ experiences. Testimonials from people just like you are one of the best tools to help you to decide your best fit and to become more comfortable. Look for a dental office that offers sedation and read up what other patients had to say to see if they felt at ease and were as pain-free as possible during their own procedures.

Can You Afford a Beautiful New Smile?

Implant dentists Chicago

Can you really put a price tag on the cost of a new you with a beautiful new smile? Medical insurance companies will tell you “no,” because they rarely cover the cost for dental implant procedures, which they regard to be elective in nature. The good news is that there is help to be found. Browse dental professionals’ websites to answer some common questions and be open to a consultation. Many implant dentists in Chicago accept traditional insurance plans as well as cash, checks and credit cards. They also offer dental financing to help you cover the costs of teeth replacement.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make this New Year complete with a New You!