Learn some interesting facts about dental implants in this four-part article series, from their historical conception to their sophistication as a strong and durable tooth replacement technology.

Dental implants are widely considered to be the most sophisticated solution modern dental science has to offer patients who have lost one or more of their original adult teeth. Unlike other traditional teeth replacement techniques, dental implants are fixed in the mouth, cannot be removed, support a natural bite force and can last several decades without the need for restoration or replacement. There’s much to be learned about dental implants in Chicago, aside from their benefits and advantages. They are a feat in medical science and in this four-part article series we shall be exploring some of the many interesting facts surrounding this now indispensible technology.

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Interesting Fact # 1: Dental Implants Date Back Thousands of Years

Modern dental implants, as we know them, were first developed in the 1950’s, but the concept behind teeth replacement with some form of implant has been around for thousands of years! At an excavation site in Honduras, Archaeologists discovered the skull of a Mayan woman, many of whose natural teeth had been replaced with artificial teeth carved from seashell. These teeth had been placed into the abandoned tooth sockets, apparently with enough success to last several hundreds of years underground!

Dental implants were used by many other civilizations, too. The ancient Egyptians, who were notoriously preoccupied with their appearance, would replace missing teeth with implants fashioned from all sorts of materials, the richness of which would depend upon their economic status. The wealthy could afford gold, silver or ivory implants, or even teeth fashioned from precious gemstones, while the poor would make use of bone and seashell. The ancient Romans were reputed to have used implants made from iron, which is certainly stronger than it is aesthetically pleasing!

The commonality to be found here is that, as a species, we have always been aware of the importance of our teeth. Losing them not only compromises our ability to eat and speak comfortably, but it also has a negative impact upon our appearance. While tooth loss certainly was more prevalent in ancient times than it is now, our efforts to alleviate the consequences have remained constant.

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Interesting Fact # 2: Dental Implants are Spacecraft Strong!

Dental implants are strong… very strong. In fact, they are made out of the same material as space shuttles, professional sports equipment (golf clubs and tennis racquets) and military aircraft: titanium! This metal is exceptionally strong, stable, non-toxic and is resistant to corrosion. The strength of titanium enables dental implants, like the rest of your teeth, to endure a natural bite force, which is approximately 200 pounds per square inch.

To highlight this achievement, consider this fact: removable dentures or false teeth, which are the traditional approach to treating total tooth loss, can only facilitate a bite force of 50 pounds per square inch. This is an incredible 75% reduction in bite strength, which is why elderly denture wearers can’t manage many of the foods people with natural teeth can. The difference in diet caused by wearing dentures can even lead to malnutrition!

Stay Tuned for Part 2

We’ve barely begun and already we’ve learned two fascinating facts about tooth implants in Chicago! Stay tuned for part 2 of this series to read more about this breakthrough technology in modern dental science.