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This article presents useful information on fluoride and its importance to our oral health. It also addresses some important health concerns over fluoride.

We’ve all grown up with our dentists emphasizing the importance of fluoride to the health and longevity of our pearly whites. You may have gone for periodic fluoride treatments as a child, what happens now that you’re fully grown? Where do you get your fluoride from and are you getting enough?

Advice from the Dentist in Chicago IL: The Problem with Bottled and Filtered Water

Dentist in Chicago IL

You may not have known this, but one of our primary sources of fluoride is the public water drinking system!

“Public water systems provide you with the fluoride you need to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Bottled water, on the other hand, tends to be filtered and contains none of the essential minerals your body needs,” explains the dentist in Chicago IL. “Bottled water has become somewhat of a trend, which is not entirely surprising considering that tap water can taste strongly of the chemicals used to purify it.”

“Even home water treatment systems can remove much of fluoride that is essential for good oral health,” say Chicago dentists.

If you do not like tap water or if your community’s water source is not suitable for drinking, then make sure that you opt for mineral or spring water instead; not filtered and/or bottled water. Chicago dentists recommend that you check the labels of bottled water, which will list the various minerals in them. Make sure fluoride, calcium and magnesium are indicated.

Chicago Dentists: Some Important Notes on Fluoride

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  • Fluoride poisoning: Thanks to the ominous warning labels most fluoride toothpastes come with nowadays (required by the FDA), many parents have become unnecessarily frightened for their children’s safety. “Even if your child accidentally swallows his or her toothpaste or even half a tube of toothpaste, their body cannot absorb enough fluoride to cause any serious health problems,” explain dentists in Chicago. It still is not advisable to swallow toothpaste, but its excellent safety record speaks very much for itself; and against the regulations imposed upon it by the FDA.
  • Fluorosis: “Fluoride is an essential ingredient in strengthening dental enamel and promoting overall oral health. But too much of a good thing can be bad,” warn Chicago dentists. Enamel fluorosis is caused by over-exposure to fluoride during a child’s developmental years. The results of this condition are unsightly white marks on the teeth and defects in the dental enamel. Speak to your dental health care professional about the frequency with which your children should receive fluoride treatments, if at all.
  • My Community’s Water: If you’re interested in finding out whether your community’s water system has been fluoridated, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website and click on the “My Water’s Fluoride” page. This resource provides comprehensive information on water systems around the country, including the amount of fluoride in the water.
  • Optimal fluoridation level: “For cooler climates, you’re looking at 1.2 ppm (parts per million) and 0.7 ppm for warmer climates. This is because people tend to drink more water in hot weather,” explains the dentist in Chicago IL.