This article provides an overlook of porcelain veneers as a cosmetic and structural restoration for teeth that have sustained light damage, cracking and chipping and/or severe discoloration and staining.

Our teeth are composed of the hardest substance in the human body; enamel. In spite of this and in spite of the fact that enamel is harder even than bone, our teeth are not invulnerable to wear and tear. “With the inexorable marching on of the years, your pearly whites can pick up chips, cracks and other imperfections,” says the Chicago implant dentist and IV sedation provider.

Constant exposure to staining substances in the foods and drinks we consume contribute to the discoloration of our teeth, which, once a lovely pearly-white luster, become a far less attractive shade of yellow, brown or even grey. This gradual deterioration in smile aesthetics can add years and even decades on to one’s appearance. Thankfully, the Chicago implant dentist and IV sedation provider offers a cosmetic treatment that can be used to address smiles that have become uneven, discolored and unaesthetic. The answer? Porcelain veneers, of course!

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Chicago Implant Dentist Explains: All about Dental Veneers

“Dental veneers are essentially wafer-thin shells of ceramic material that are precisely made to fit over the front of the tooth or teeth requiring restoration,” explains the Chicago implant dentist and IV sedation provider. “While such a thin ceramic structure is extremely brittle on its own, once bonded to the surface of the teeth using a powerful composite resin, they become exceptionally strong and durable.

“This enables patients to eat normally without worrying about damaging their restorations, say Chicago implant dentists. In addition to completely camouflaging the appearance of stains or discoloration, veneers can be custom fabricated to compensate for cracks and chips, or any region of absent mass in the tooth crown. “They can even be used to fill the gaps in between teeth,” says the Chicago implant dentist.

Chicago Implant Dentist and IV Sedation Provider Explains the Benefits of Veneers

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The most immediate benefit of porcelain veneers is a drastic improvement in one’s quality of smile. Your smile is one of your most important and valuable personal assets. And when someone is uncomfortable with the way their teeth look, it can have quite a devastating effect upon their self-confidence in both a social and professional environment.

“Dental veneers provide patients with a second chance at having a beautiful and confident smile,” says the Chicago implant dentist and IV sedation provider; “or even a first chance if their genetic heritage left them without pearly white and even teeth.” The procedure required for the fitting and placement of porcelain veneers is painless and straight-forward, although it usually requires two appointments before patients can enjoy the benefits of a fully restored smile.

Other benefits include the restoration of flaws and structural weaknesses in the crowns of the teeth, such as cracks and chips. By covering these with the ceramic material, it helps to prevent bacteria from establishing a foothold in hard-to-clean areas. “Dental veneers, in other words, actually help to prevent decay in teeth that have become compromised through some kind of physical trauma,” explains the Chicago implant dentist.

A Final Note from the Chicago Implant Dentist

“If you have long suffered from a low self-esteem associated with a compromised or discolored smile, then porcelain veneers offer a fantastic cosmetic solution,” says the Chicago implant dentist and IV sedation provider. Don’t allow your smile confidence to be affected… atonement for a lifetime of indulgence or poor genetics is possible with porcelain veneers!