This article explains exactly why sugar is bad for your teeth by examining the relationship between sugar and oral bacterial activity.

“If there’s one creature that loves sugary candy more than your four year old, it’s oral bacteria,” say All on 4 dental implants specialists. Sugar is pure energy, as you’ve probably noticed by your kid’s nitrous-fuelled behavior the day after Halloween. And this is precisely why bacteria love sugar; it’s pure energy for them. Bacteria don’t have particularly discerning taste-buds like your children do, which could smell a carefully concealed vegetable in their Shepherd’s pie a mile away. But, “bacteria are concerned with only two things: survival and reproduction,” explains a specialist in the placement of All on 4 dental implants in Chicago. “Unfortunately for you and for your children’s teeth, sugar is the gold upon which bacterial civilizations are built!”

All on 4 Dental Implants Specialist: Understanding Oral Bacteria

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The ominous cautioning against candies, sweets, chocolates, toffee and other delicious things has been something most of us have grown up with. As you used to depart from your dentist’s office, ironically, with a sucker clutched dearly in your sticky fists, he or she would wag a finger at you: don’t eat too much candy now! Sugar is bad for your teeth!

As a child, you put it down to dentists just being kill-joys. Especially around Halloween! But there is much truth to this warning! “Sugar IS bad for your teeth,” stress specialists in All on 4 implants in Chicago. And we should know: it’s our job to replace decayed teeth!”

As the All on 4 dental implants specialist explained, bacteria love sugar. It is a potent source of energy for them and it fuels their growth, reproduction and other micro-biological processes. “The more you eat – the higher in sugar your diet is – the better off the legions of oral bacteria that populate your mouth will be,” says the All on 4 dental implants specialist. “The faster they will reproduce and the more numerous they will be.”

According to specialists in All on 4 dental implants in Chicago, this means two things for you:

  1. You will have to be more rigorous about keeping your teeth and gums clean by flossing every day and brushing more frequently and for longer. A good ADA-approved anti-bacterial mouthwash will also do a world of good.
  2. With greater numbers of bacteria in your mouth – and bacteria are terrible about cleaning up after themselves – you’ll also have greater productions of you-know-what going on in your mouth. Bacteria eat sugar and go potty on your teeth and gums. “The wastes they produce are rich in sulfurous compounds, which is precisely what makes your breath smelly after a long day without brushing,” explains the All on 4 dental implants specialist.

“Bacterial waste is also very acidic,” say specialists in All on 4 dental implants in Chicago. “This acid corrodes away your dental enamel, forming cavities which offer opportunistic bacteria excellent shelter against your best oral hygiene endeavors.”

The result is that cavities, which may take awhile to form, are quick to widen and grow deeper as the bacteria are allowed to proliferate and excrete their acidic sulfurous wastes inside your tooth.

All on 4 Dental Implants in Chicago: The Take Home Message

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Perhaps the biggest reason people end up needing All on 4 dental implants is because of rampant tooth decay and gum disease. “But even the most horrific oral ailment has humble beginnings; a single cavity or a mild infection of the gums,” says the All on 4 dental implants specialist. “What all of these conditions have in common is that the growth of oral bacteria has been left unchecked, which comes down to a diet high in sugar and other unhealthy foods, poor oral hygiene and other bad habits, such as smoking”

The moral of the story? Let your children enjoy Halloween. But remember to instruct them to put extra elbow grease into brushing and flossing afterwards!